About Us

Hereford Insurance Company (HIC) serves the For Hire Transportation Market in New York with all their insurance needs. We provide TLC required Commercial Auto Liability, Workers Compensation, and physical damage coverage.

HIC specializes in TLC insurance for drivers of all major App companies (including Via, Uber, Lyft, Juno, Gett, etc.), Black Cars, Car Service, Livery, Yellow Taxi Medallions, Green Cabs, Paratransit and more.

Since its inauguration, we have been the exclusive insurer of the New York Independent Livery Drivers Benefit Fund.

We staff our own underwriters, claims adjusters, special investigations unit, legal team, and IT unit with a focus on experience and industry knowledge.  We make certain that our broker partners and vendors also have many years of experience.  This experience allows us to deliver a service to the industry which assists many drivers being able to earn a respectable living, and in turn, provide a vital service to New York City.

The underwriting staff have developed an expertise in this sector of the industry which allows the insured a certain sense of comfort that the carrier will provide top notch service and coverages.  Our claims adjusters offer the knowledge required to quickly and appropriately handle claims from beginning to end.

HIC continues to grow and expand not only its staff, but also services offered to the industry.  The goal is to provide:  exemplary service, open lines of communication, a solid understanding of the nature of the industry along with the man power to address your needs, and the ability to interact with us seamlessly.  These strengths, we believe, will continue to allow HIC to surpass your every expectation of an insurance carrier.

Our mission is to be a premier provider of the highest quality products and services for the livery transportation industry to all of our partners.  We understand the ever changing landscape and pride ourselves on constantly evolving to meet your needs.  We are a customer focused company, with an open mind, responding with fast, fair solutions, and delivering prompt, professional services.  We continue to make all of our processes highly automated and are committed to innovation.  We strive to attract and retain the most capable employees, by providing a stable work environment, with everyone operating as a part of the Hereford team.

We Help Move New York!